SMARC_T335x_Carrier_Board_Hardware_Design_Guide section 3.3, Figure 37: Power Block Diagram and the text on the following page seem to me to show that VDD_IO_SEL# will turn off Module power on the Module, and the Carrier does not need to do this. The SCH_SBC-SMART-BEE schematic shows the carrier turning off VDD_MOD if VDD_IO_SEL# is low.
Is the Carrier required to turn off the Module power in addition to the Carrier power if this signal is pulled low for the T335X Module?

By SMARC 1.0 definition, if the SMARC module only support 1.8V IO, it will connect the VDD_IO_SEL# to GND. If the carrier board does not support 1.8V, the SMARC module won’t boot up to protect the module. Our carrier board only supports 3.3V IO,  it has to cut the module power down if VDD_IO_SEL# is connected to GND (this is the case of 1.8V SMARC module).

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