The SCH_SBC-SMART-BEE schematic, page 13 shows a reset generator powered by the +3.3V. Is this reset generator on the +3.3V needed if neither the manual reset nor the watchdog timer functionality is used? Do you recommend including the +3.3V reset generator even if the manual reset and the watchdog timer are not used? Is there any reason or situation where it would be useful for the Carrier to reset the Module?

The SMARC module does not know the IO power status from the carrier board, and  put RESET_IN# in the last stage of power can serve as the “power good” signal of carrier board. This also assures that the power of carrier board is good when SMARC module booting up.

You can of course use the “power good” signal of the last stage power and serve it as RESET_IN# signal.

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