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2016-08-04 14:58
Mirtcho Maglijanov
SMARC T335X Linux Development:
I'm trying to use SPI master capability of SMARC-T4378. HW setup 1. SMARC-T4378 2. EVK-STD-CARRIER with populated second ETH 3. oscilloscope monitoring at carrier board SPI0.0 SPI0.1 SPI1.0 SPI1.1 SW Many combination tried -The standard kernel from delivered SDCARD - Self build kernel from embedian GIT - it seems that SPI master is enable by default. McSPI is also enabled when I check with menuconfig - arago rootfs tar.gz downloaded from embedian. In user space I can see /dev/spidev2.0 /dev/spidev2.1 /dev/spidev3.0 /dev/spidev3.1 Write to this devices from C returns no error but I dont see any activity on EVM_STD_CARRIER SPI connectors. Comments, suggestion, remarks are welcome. Thanks in advance, Mirtcho Maglijanov