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ARM Cortex SMARC Module
$59.00 for orders of 1,000+



  • MXM-7110 module bring-up platform for hardware and software development.
  • MXM-7110 module validation platform
  • Customer evaluation platform
  • Customer carrier design reference
  • Manufacturing test platform
  • Compatible to all MXM series modules from Embedian
  • Technical supports in higher priority from Embedian

The EVK-MXM-7110 is aimed to accelerate your development. It provides a platform to develop or evaluate the MXM-7110 Computer on Modules, it provides real-world I/O connectors such as serial port, ethernet, USB, video/audio and power jack, as well as any other I/O interfaces not provided on the COM modules themselves.

Packing Lists
Packing Lists:
1 x MXM-7110 module

1 x QUICKBASE-7110 carrier board

2 x M3 screws

1 x 5V/2.5A Power Supply

1 x 4GB CF card with image pre-installed

1 x RJ45-DB9 console debug cable

1 x 10-way header to DB9 cable

Evaluation Baseboard Features
5V input with 4-way mini-ATX connector

Reset button

RTC backup battery

4 x USB 2.0 Host Type A connector and 1 x USB client type B connector


LVDS and parallel RGB LCD connector

1 x 10/100Mbps RJ-45 connector

1 x 10-way serial debug header

4 x USB host type A connector, 1 x USB client type B connector

1 x 4-wire touch connector

3.5mm Microphone and Headphone Jack

5 x RS232 header (One can be configured as RS422/485), 1 x 2x7-pin GPIO header, 1 x I2C header (for capacitive touch) and 2 x SPI header

1 x CF connector

jumpers for LCD 3.3V or 5V voltage, boot selection, RS232 or RS485 selection

Form factor: 102mm (L) x 145mm (W)

Document Deliverable
Linux BSP

Carrier Board Design Guide

User’s Manual

Carrier Board Reference Schematics (pdf and OrCAD format)


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MXM-7110 computer on module in normal temperature

MXM-7110 Evaluation Board

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