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ARM Cortex Computing Platform

Customization Services

With today's global economy, companies are faced with the necessity of an ever faster time to market at a reduced cost. Outsourcing has become the key to achieve this.
Embedian customization services provide customers with turnkey, end-to-end product design and manufacturing services.
The service offers design consultation, hardware design, BIOS and firmware customization, enclosure design, manufacturing, assembly, and quality assurance. Embedded systems design begins with the selection of a COM (Computer-On-Module) embedded host macro-component, followed by a custom or semi-custom carrier board with necessary system-I/O and a system enclosure to meet total form-fit and function requirements.
Embedian’s technical resources, analysis and simulation techniques, with our many years of experience in the embedded computer field, have developed an efficient design process. Embedian pays particular attention to the details at the introductory phase of product planning.
Customization Services
  • Full range of Bootloader/BIOS customization capabilities
  • Custom carrier board design
  • Standard carrier modification
  • Carrier board accessory design
  • Customer specified pre-shipment testing
  • System and sub-system assembly
  • Mechanical design
  • Agency certification testing
  • Custom packaging and shipping requirements
  • Parts procurement
Customization from Standard Products
For customized standard products from Embedian (E.g. no Ethernet chip, more RAM,...), Embedian charges a minimum of 1,000 US Dollars for setting up the assembly machine and other costs related to logistics. This charge applies for every production lot.
Please keep in mind that a customized product have some disadvantages compared to a standard product:
  • minimum lot size 500 pieces.
  • Embedian will not take customized products at stock. This leads to higher lead times for the products.
That means, in the most cases it is better to use an already existing product variant or make a completely new carrier board.
However there are some special cases in which a customized products makes sense like no NRE charge. If you need more information please contact us.
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