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ARM Cortex Computing Platform

Computer-on-Module Evaluation Kit

The Computer-on-Module Evaluation Kit is intended to serve multiple needs and summarized as followed:
  • Computer-on-Module bring-up platform for hardware and software development.
  • Module validation platform.
  • Customer evaluation platform.
  • Customer design reference.
  • Manufacturing test platform.
  • Flexible prototyping vehicle (facilitated by multiple mezzanines).
  • An "application ready" single board computer. (together with computer on module)

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EVK-STD-CARRIER-S20 is a full function evaluation carrier board designed for standard SMARC 2.0 compliant modules. It supports all interfaces and signals that are defined in SMARC...


EVK-SMARC-T335X serves as an evaluation and starter kit for SMARC-T335X computer on module. Use it to quickly turn your SMARC-T335X into fully working device for hardware and...

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