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新聞: 揚名電子在日本指定銷售代表

新聞發表時間: 2016年06月26日

Embedian Inc., a leading manufacturer in the embedded computer modules market, today announced that it has established its presence in the Japanese market by adding JEPICO Corporation, a Japanese embedded hardware supplier based in Tokyo, to its exclusive representative in that territory. JEPICO will offer the full Embedian product line, including computer on modules, single board computers and customized projects, to its growing military and aerospace customer base.

For Embedian, the representativeship will help it further penetrate the burgeoning Japanese embedded electronics market and strengthen Embedian’s customer relations in the region by delivering excellent products coupled with first-class support. "I want to make embedian the first choice for Japanese customers in the embedded market and build a reputation as the preferred vendor for innovative embedded solutions," said Satoshi Yasuike, general manager of marketing promotion division at Jepico.

For JEPICO, this collaboration gives the company the opportunity to offer complementary ARM Cortex based products that provide its customer base a complete hardware/software turnkey solution.

"Teaming up with one of the best-known military and aerospace suppliers in Japan is a victory for our customers—and theirs," said Norris Chen, sales director for Asia Pacific and Japan at Embedian. "JEPICO's commitment to outfitting its customers with complete solutions of superior quality mirrors Embedian' commitment to the same. We believe this will be a very successful and mutually beneficial relationship."

As an industry innovator and leader in the embedded COM market, Embedian delivers a full range of ARM Cortex based COMs that help developers optimize designs, reduce development time and costs, and get critical products to market ahead of the competition.

"We've seen a significant increase in demand among our military and aerospace customers for ARM Cortex COMs, and are looking forward to meeting that demand with Embedian' products and services," said Satoshi Yasuike, general manager of marketing promotion division at JEPICO. "We are confident that our customers will find Embedian's offerings to be extremely effective in the reduction of cost and time-to-market in their valuable design efforts."

About JEPICO Corporation

Founded in 1972, JEPICO is one of the best-known distributors of electronic components in the military, aerospace, and industrial markets. JEPICO proactively responds to the various needs of customers by providing a wide range of services including technical support, system integration, and software development. Headquartered in Tokyo, JEPICO has several offices in Japan, Hong Kong and the USA. For more details, please visit

About Embedian

Embedian is a leading manufacturers in the ARM Cortex COMs market, providing industrial standard (SMARC) COM products and services for the communications, aerospace/defense, and other vertical markets. Established in 2005, the company is a technology leader in the ARM Cortex COMs industry. Embedian' headquarters are located in Taipei, Taiwan and maintains a R&D office in San Jose, California.