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ARM Cortex SMARC 電腦模組
$59.00 for orders of 1,000+


發表日期: 2018/06/27
揚名電子很榮幸地宣布成為德州儀器設計網絡(TI Design Network)正式授權夥伴。 除了NXP i.MX的產品線之外,德州儀器現在官方承認揚名電子在Sitara系列 Cortex-ARM SMARC電腦模組的開發與製造專業...

發表日期: 2014/02/12
Embedian Inc., a leading manufacturer in the embedded computer modules market, today announced that it has established its presence in the Japanese market by adding JEPICO Corporation, a Japanese embedded hardware supplier based in Tokyo, to its excl...

發表日期: 2013/06/24
Embedian today announced to support newly defined Computer-on-Module (COM) standard for their upcoming ultra low-power embedded architecture platform family. Supporting the new COM standard marks a significant milestone after first innovatively intro...

發表日期: 2013/01/21
Embedian will be starting its relocation into its Taipei facility today. Nearby Taipei 101 building, the Taipei facility is a 5,000 square meter building. It was heavily renovated to answer the market demand for more production capability and more pr...