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ARM Cortex Computing Platform


To balance the risk of global trade and convenience for customers with good credit history. The payment policy from Embedian is stated as follows.
(i) If the total amounts as stated on the Ordering Confirmation are less than USD 8,000 dollars, Embedian will require prepayment of the 100% of amount total on acceptance customer\' order to activate this order. We could usually the goods to you in three working days.
(ii) Otherwise, Embedian will require prepayment of 100% of amount total prior to shipment.
(iii) If total amounts shown on invoice for the past twelve (12) months are greater than USD 60,000 dollar and and have orders more than 8,000 USD in the past six months never cancel or extend the delivery date, Embedian will offer NET 30 terms to this customer.
Any failure of Customer to perform the call-off obligation will result in a penalty in the amount of the non-purchased products and, additionally, in a default interest rate of 10% per annum. and payment term will be set back to condition (ii).
(iv) For volume orders( 200+ pcs), Embedian accepts payment by wire transfer only. Your proforma invoice will contain the appropriate financial information.
(v) Embedian may suspend deliveries of Product or Service until full payment is received. In case of late payment, the statutory interest rate will apply on the outstanding amount. All costs of recovery shall be payable by the Customer.
(vi) The payment term for ODM project will be binding by ODM contract.
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