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ARM Cortex Computing Platform



  • Complete pITX-MX8M-PLUS SBC thermal solution.
  • Especially designed for pITX-MX8M-PLUS SBC.
  • Mounted to the pITX-MX8M-PLUS SBC by means of 4 M3 machine screws to custom enclosure
  • Come with 10mmx10mmx1.3mm thermal pad.

Possible Applications

  • pITX-MX8M-PLUS-Q-2G(-I)
  • pITX-MX8M-PLUS-Q-4G(-I)
  • pITX-MX8M-PLUS-Q-6G(-I)

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The VTT-HS-9A981 Heatsink is a complete thermal solution for pITX-MX8M-PLUS single board computer. Heatsink is mounted to the pico-ITX SBC by means of 4 machine screws to the custom enclosure. The screws can be mounted from the bottom. A 10mmx10mmx1.3mm thermal pad is also included in this part.

This VTT-HS-9A981 Heatsink is designed especially for Embedian pITX-MX8M-PLUS single board computer.

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